Story of the Month: Ryan Woodrow

Story of the Month: Ryan Woodrow

From The Archive – June 2017

Being a teenager is a balancing act and juggling school, sport and life is pretty hectic for any teenager. Then throw in playing sport at a high level and managing blood glucose levels while doing all this and you have a pretty amazing person. Ryan Woodrow is an aspiring and talented baseball player, keen to play and represent Queensland at the highest level. After that, maybe a college scholarship in the USA?

Ryan Woodrow was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes in 2014 – a medical condition that requires 24/7 monitoring of blood glucose levels (BGL). Ryan’s life with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) means he is dependent on insulin which he receives through a continuous intravenous line using a Medtronic insulin pump. He self manages his diabetes and is under a pretty tight medical regime. Participating in baseball assists Ryan to manage his sugar levels and is excellent for his mental wellbeing and overall fitness. Playing sport has assisted him to accept his diagnosis and to maintain some normality and routine with school, working part time and learning to drive. All pretty normal stuff for any teenager.

Ryan Woodrow HeadshotRyan has never rebelled against the disease, understanding his restrictions and taking it in his stride. His family has never said no to playing any sport and since 2008, Ryan has been playing and excelling in Baseball.

Starting with Rookie ball, moving into the Little League Majors and up through the divisions, Ryan has continued to play and represent at district, regional, state and national levels receiving a swag of awards along the way. Ryan is a “lefty”, batting and throwing left-handed and on the field plays positions of pitcher, 1st baseman and outfield.

He has been named shadow several times for Qld, and this year attended the 2017 QSS Baseball State Championships in Ipswich representing Met North who finished in first place in pool B to advance to the final against Met East. Met North finished with a hard fought for silver medal. Ryan was named in the top 20 players and now has been chosen to play for Queensland in May this year at the School Sport Australian Baseball Championships.

This year Aspirations4Kids in Sport introduced a new cause of Chronic Illness to support Queenslanders facing unique challenges to be able to participate in sport. It is Queensland kids like Ryan that support our ethos of a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’ and A4K in Sport are pleased and excited to be on this sporting journey with him.

Watch this space!