Resilience and Determination for A4K recipient Sarah Wallace pays off

Resilience and Determination for A4K recipient Sarah Wallace pays off

The dictionary meaning for resilience is ‘one’s ability to become healthy, happy or strong again after an illness, disappointment or other problem”

The dictionary meaning for determination is ‘those who succeed because of sheer grit and firmness of purpose”

Sarah Wallace is the sheer epitome of these traits.

Born with multiple physical anomalies, she was not expected to survive birth.

But survive…and thrive – she did.

Sarah has severe kyphoscoliosis, has had numerous spinal surgeries, along with short stature and with compromised lung capacity (40%) she is a legend!

With dreams to be a Paralympian, she is totally committed to her swimming. This year alone she has represented her sport in over 6 high-level competitions with another stint in October at the International Global Games.

Sarah studies full time via Distance Ed to enable her to manage her schooling, swimming, and her health.

All of this costs enormous amounts of money so A4K was happy to step in with some funding assistance so that Sarah can follow her life pathway

Among her great achievements, she has won Gold, Silver, and Bronze, broken over 7 Qld records and set a new PB’s. Further, she was nominated for a Sporting Wheelies award and won the Sports Development Award in 2018.

Sarah, we can’t wait to see how you go from here!