Grant Funding

Aspirations4Kids in Sport is very proud of its long term association with Education in Queensland.

There is no doubt that all most all of our great Queensland Sports people have been through our massive system.

Our government funding back story

Chair Queensland School Sport Foundation, Future State Greats, Aspirations4Kids in Sport

In 1999, The Queensland School Sport Foundation was established, when the then Minister of Education Dean Wells tapped Mr Healy on the shoulder and asked him for some help in the form of setting up an advisory committee reporting to the Minister. The task was to advise the Minister on how to help reduce the costs of school sport for Queensland families of kids with sporting talent.

From that moment on the organisation leveraged from the contributions of commitment, hard work, insight and foresight of one of the countries all time sporting legends. He brought together a team including 103 Test netball legend Vicki Wilson, highly respected educator and dedicated rugby
league administrator Kevin Brasch and other leaders of industry including the then Commonwealth Bank Board Chairman Don Nissan to instigate and form the Queensland School Sport Foundation.

Since 1999, the organisation has transformed and its core focus shifted and this is evidenced by its name change titles as follows: In 2006 it transitioned into Future State Greats and identified and offered 24 elite sports bursaries to students from the 12 different sports regions right across Queensland.

In 2011 it transitioned to Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd (A4K) with a core focus towards Queensland families facing unique challenges of hardship, disabilities, chronic illness and remote living issues. Mr Healy has never lost sight of the power of sport and the role is can play in enhancing lives and drives
the success of the organisation.

In 2018, A4K still assist kids with talent, in fact many have the talents that you simply can’t teach because their successes come off the back of hardship and adversity. In total over 1000 Queensland families have been assisted by this work and over $1 million raised largely due to the hard work and commitment of Mr Healy.

Notable recipients include Sally Pearson (formerly McLellan), and Paralympic Champions Brenden Hall and Lakeisha Patterson. Mr Healy’s contribution is evidenced via innumerable unpaid volunteer hours and personal financial
contributions and corporate donations.

Mr Healy continues as the A4K Chair today and is the reason for its sustainability and growth.