Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

There are three SMART ways for your organisation to be involved with giving to Aspirations4Kids in Sport.

  1. Tax Deductible Donations
  2. Workplace Giving
  3. Organisation / Community Fundraising

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) can assist. Contact Chris Bond – Sports Partnership Manager QLD/NT/Athletes:

  1. Tax Deductible Donations – this is where you and members of your staff make a direct donation to the organisation of your personal preference. For A4K head to –

Start by:

  • Setting your personal target – e.g. $1,000

Good for:

  • Individual donations
  • Organisation / Club donations
  • Corporate donations


  • Tax deductible

2. Workplace Giving – this is where individuals or groups of individuals agree to make donations to an organisation via regular deductions from their pay. For A4K head to –

Start by:

  • Setting your personal target – e.g. $50 per pay

Good for:

  • Individual donations in the workplace


  • Payroll deduction – automatic & instant
  • No need for receipts or to file returns
  • Little ongoing maintenance
  • Employer Matched Giving Program (option). Here the organisation matches the employees contribution dollar for dollar.

3. Community / Organisation Fundraising – this is where employees in your organisation team up and even compete to see who can raise the most money.

Start by:

  • Creating your fun team competition project
  • Setting your team target – e.g. $5,000 per project

Good for:

  • Corporate Donations
  • Club Projects


  • Building – Team & Culture
  • Having fun – Think Movember’ for sport.(i.e. tax deductible crowd funding for sport.)
  • Creating – Online visuals through the ASF online portal
  • Incentivising – Teams with prizes and competitions when milestones are reached.
  • Affording – A Grand Prize for the winners!


Cellnet Ltd Case StudyA great example of CSR, beyond just dollars!

Recently A4K welcomed a very generous company in Cellnet as a valued partner.

Cellnet is a market leader in distribution, warehousing & logistics with centres in Australia, New Zealand and China.

They are making a difference to the kids that we support here at A4K by:

  • Contributing a substantial ‘no strings attached’ financial company donation;
  • Offering their staff 2 days for volunteering to A4K;
  • Setting up workplace giving opportunities for staff;
  • Partnering A4K with the Cellnet network towards further meaningful contributions.

In return, A4K Chair Ian Healy hosted a thank you afternoon for the Cellnet staff, at Cellnet, cooking a sausage sizzle and shouting a beverage or two.

Also, just to make sure that the volunteering is fun A4K ensured that some of the Cellnet staff pressed the flesh with some of Queensland’s all-time sporting greats.

A4K is truly indebted to Cellnet for their contribution to our organisation and the assistance that they have been able to deliver to Queensland families.

Is business giving part of your organisations community engagement strategy? Does your staff take pride in your organisation’s contributions to society? Do you think you could be doing more to build goodwill in your brand?
aspiration4kids in sport corporate social responsibility
At A4K we can assist you to work towards contributions with clout and instigate your Corporate Community Investment (CCI) solution.

What is CCI?

CCI includes activities associated with corporate giving, underpinned by business case thinking and practice, which entails today’s mutually beneficial outcomes.

Today, CCI embraces all nature of giving by businesses, including philanthropy, community partnerships, workplace volunteering, and workplace giving.

Centre for Corporate Public Affairs and Business Council of Australia 2007

At A4K we can assist

We facilitate and guide small to medium sized enterprises’ participation in optimising community partnerships through business giving.

Business giving entails a range of concepts which is broader than just the giving of money, goods or services by business to non-profit organisations (NPOs). Broadly, the terms: CSR; corporate citizenship; and Corporate Community Investment (CCI) are commonly used to bundle together a range of activities including:

  • Corporate Philanthropy (unconditional donations)
  • Corporate Volunteering
  • Workplace Giving
  • Community Partnerships, and
  • Corporate Foundations

Source Giving Australia – Business Giving and volunteering 2016

Why do we do it?

To help you to help us and make a difference. Together we can ensure that business giving becomes part of your organisation’s strategy not just an afterthought.

The current ‘giving’ landscape indicates that business is moving away from one-way giving to a ‘shared value’ approach that is centred on strategic investments aimed at generating beneficial outcomes for both the business and the community.

(Porter and Kramer 2011, Centre for Corporate Public Affairs and Business Council of Australia 2007).

Who do we do it for?

We aim to assist organisations that have a corporate conscience.

Organisation who realise that:

  • Making meaningful contributions to the community is important
  • Understanding employee engagement with giving and community initiatives that sit outside of core business can enhance morale and embellish peoples sense of purpose;
  • Building goodwill for your brand can be enhanced by doing good things;
  • Developing a proud team culture can have many benefits

Thought leaders forecast that workplace volunteering will, over the next decade, move in a direction that seeks to maximise the social impact of volunteering, which can be measured against six drivers of effectiveness:

  1. cause-effective configuration
  2. strategic business positioning
  3. sufficient investment
  4. culture of engagement
  5. strong participation, and
  6. evaluation that can be used to inform strategy and ongoing management of workplace volunteering

(Centre for Corporate Public Affairs 2007; Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship 2009; London Benchmarking Group 2014)

When do we do it?

When organisations are ready to increase the use of community engagement to express their giving – defined as a long-term strategic involvement in the community to address social issues and generate social impact, chosen by the company, to protect corporate interests and enhance reputation.

  • When the organisation is doing well and looking to take the next step to broaden its reach into the community local through to global
  • When indications are that your staff are more conscious about making a difference in their communities.
  • When an organisation is looking for a holistic approach to supporting a community initiative which is inclusive of all staff i.e. leaders and staff on all levels
  • When team building has been identified as a priority.

What do we want people to do?