Poppy Richards

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Introducing Poppy Richards

Poppy faces multiple life challenges due to the effects of Cerebral Palsy (Left Hemiplegia) and Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) resulting from premature birth and pre-eclampsia during her mother’s pregnancy.

A calf surgery due to a combination of moderate pain, an uneven gait and balance issues has added another layer of complexity to Poppy’s sports career, however this is somewhat off-set by enhanced levels of self-esteem and confidence derived from sport that affords her the drive to progress and keep doing the things she loves.

Poppy works hard to build her core strength and balance leading to her capacity to participate in sports with a Cerebral Palsy T37 classification such as swimming, Para-triathlon, life-saving and netball. Poppy is a true inspiration to all of us.