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Involve Your Business

An excellent commercial opportunity is available to acquire naming right to the Aspirations4Kids in Sport program. The key features of this program include:

  1. Regular dedicated e communication with each of the 1,816 school principals throughout the state;
  2. Association with Aspirations4Kids in Sport functions held annually throughout the state;
  3. The delivery of hundreds of Aspirations4Kids in Sport– Finding Our Next Great story
  4. Plus a host of other benefits designed to create maximum corporate goodwill.

As stated above our entire program will be supported by Queensland Past and Present Legends of Sport who will assist us to spread the word throughout the state.  Notable Queenslanders such as Ian Healy and Natalie Cook will be associated with the Aspirations4Kids in Sport program annually.

Extensive state wide reach will ensure in excess of 200,000 school sport families will be aware of your corporate association along with the extended broader school communities throughout the state.