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Making an Application

Thank you for nominating a student for the Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd.  program. Please find following a summary of the nomination process.

  • Principal’s permission – each nomination must have the full endorsement of the School Principal
  • Tell us why – please provide a short summary of the nominated student’s story and all the background information on the ‘what’ and ‘when’ of the nomination
  • School applies on student’s behalf – the nomination can only be made by the nominee’s school and must be endorsed and signed off by the Principal as a true record of the nominee’s circumstances.
  • School completes on-line form nomination – Here is the nomination form.  Please complete this form and submit.
  • Nomination submitted – submit the nomination on-line. Please ensure that you have filled in all mandatory information so that the application goes through successfully.
  • Nomination processed – A4K will assess the nomination, should more information be required, the school  will be contacted by a A4Kids in Sport Ltd.
  • Nomination pre – approved/declined – All applications are subject to provision of the required documentation. Each nomination is assessed on a case by case basis. An answer, whether favourable or not, will be provided to the school representative, within a reasonable time frame

What sort of information is required?

The Aspirations4Kids in Sport program is designed for schools to nominate students from their school. The student may be eligible for funding if:

  • They live in Australia and are enrolled in a Queensland school
  • They are aged between 10-19 years
  • The play or wish to participate in current QSS Sporting events.

Information that is required is:

  • Student and family details
  • Evidence of costs associated with the relevant cause (such as the Team Levy and associated costs to attend the event)

Information that may be required is:

  • School attendance records
  • Sporting record and participation
  • Behaviour record

What compulsory information is required before starting the application?

Please ensure that your student meets and provides the following criteria:

  • They are a full-time bona-fide student at your school  and currently represent your school in an affiliated QSS program (or they would like to). If your student fails to meet these criteria, please contact us for more information.
  • A copy of the team levy notice and uniform order. Please note this does not need to be sent to A4K but must be sighted and held by the school as evidence of the student’s representation
  • The email name and address of the student’s guardian
  • Details of the hardship and / or disability facing the student that may prevent them from participating in school sport

You or the parent / caregiver must  provide the following completed and signed forms:

  • Parent Consent Form
  • Project Consent Form

The parent should assist the school to provide as much relevant information to support the application as possible. A copy of the criteria questions can be downloaded from our printable forms page for this purpose.

These forms can be downloaded from the Printable Forms page.

Please return completed forms by scan/email, or mail. All details are on our Contact Us page.