Boys Soccer Celebration

Successful recipients or the parent / guardian / caregiver of successful recipients of Aspirations4KIds in Sport funding by direct or indirect means agrees;

  • to grant permission to the School Principal of the nominated student’s school to provide personal information to Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd. where relevant. A4Kids in Sport Ltd. agrees to only use the information for the expressed purpose for which it has been obtained
  • to provide, quarterly student progress updates to A4Kids in Sport Ltd.
  • to update personal details in the Aspirations4Kids in Sport website by emailing the information to A4Kids in Sport Ltd. 
  • that the individual will provide updated progress information of their story as a short paragraph where suitable computer and language skills allow them to do so. The individual also agrees that where possible they will provide and maintain current and appropriate email addresses
  • that where suitable computer skills do not allow, the individual will grant permission to another ‘trusted’ party to provide information as required for posting to the Aspirations4Kids in Sport website subject to final approval of the A4Kids in Sport Ltd. recipient
  • that where practical and relevant ‘the recipient’ will agree to the promotion of their individual ‘story’ to third parties subject to final permission / approval by the recipient’s nominated parent / guardian / caregiver

The principal agrees to:

    • supply ALL reasonable, relevant and necessary details of the recipient to ensure a thorough and complete level of assessment if required
    • provide any additional reasonable information to Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd. upon request
    • assist with reasonable direct contact between Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd. and the recipients and / or their families

The Principal may complete this section for and on behalf of the nominated student and their family/ guardian/ caregiver if needed