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What is the Aspirations4Kids in Sport program?

The Aspirations4Kids in Sport program is a state based initiative committed to helping children and families in need by unlocking the opportunities identified through sport from within the Queensland Education system. We know there are many great people out there that would like to support programs like ours. The Aspirations4Kids in Sport project seeks to raise money to support the promotion of our students’ participation in sport no matter what their circumstances.

To register your interest in making a donation please contact us.

A4Kids in Sport Ltd. is recognised as a  project with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF), which enables all donations of $2 or more to be tax deductible.

What is Ian Healy’s association with the A4K?

Australian sport legend Ian Healy is the Chairman of Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd. He oversees all functions of the A4Kids in Sport programs, offering guidance and support as well as all chairman duties.  Ian works alongside fellow board members Liz Pidgeon and Holly Whitcroft, Company Secretary Grant O’Hara, General Manager Julie-Anne Dietz  and a former Queensland School Sport Administrator to ensure A4Kids in Sport are able to help as many Queensland kids in need to participate in school sport.

What are the causes and how will supporting these make a  difference?

The Aspirations4Kids in Sport causes are Hardship and Disability. For more information on these causes, view our Funding Page.

How is our funding used?

Funding for these programs will be generated via corporate involvement in the forms of philanthropic donations and sponsorship.

Corporate funding is used to:

  • Provide funding back through all Queensland Schools to the individual recipients
  • Help to deliver and administer all program activity including fundraising events.

How is funding for the A4K Program derived?

There are 7 principal sources of funding for the A4Kids in Sport program:

  1. Corporate Australia (Sponsorship)
  2. Corporate Australia (Foundation)
  3. Private Philanthropic Donations
  4. Government grants
  5. A4K Special Projects and Events
  6. Third Party Recipient
  7. Commission

In each case how much funding will be provided?

This is assessed on a case by case basis. Where possible 100% of the funding required will be provided. Alternatively a ‘make a difference’ level of funding may be provided to successful recipients.

What is meant by ‘Direct Funding’?

Typically direct funding is provided in the cause cases of Hardship and Disabilities and Chronic Illness.

The School issues an invoice to receive funds into their nominated account

In all cases the successful recipient receive their funding via the school. In no circumstances are the funds released directly to the recipient or the recipient’s family.

The recipient’s family must provide the required documentation to show evidence that the funds are to be used for the agreed funding reason. This information must be sighted by both the recipient’s school and A4Kids in Sports Ltd.

What is meant by ‘Indirect Funding’?

In all cases support for the student recipient will be via indirect funding. This is funding that is used to develop specific programs to suit the intended modification required or recommended for the student recipient.

How long will the assessment period take?

Each application is assessed on a case by case basis. The intention is for the assessment of the application  to be completed within approximately a 2 week period.

How will we be notified if the nomination has been successful or not?

An email will be sent to the principal and the nominated student’s guardian to notify the success or otherwise of the nomination. If successful, this email will detail the course of action required before final approval is given.

Please note; The initial email is an indication of pre-approval only and is subject to provision of the required documentation within a reasonable timeframe. This is not a guarantee of funding.

What further role can the principal play in facilitating each successful nominees’ funding program/ support?

The following outlines the requirements of the principal in relation to direct funding:

  1. Assist the family to identify the most suitable allocation of the funding
  2. Take receipt of the quotation for the service or items purchased or take receipt of the tax invoice in the event that reimbursed funding is required
  3. Provide a testimony supporting the agreed Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd initiative
  4. Communicate the outcome to the school’s registrar
  5. Provide school account details and an invoice to Aspirations4Kids in Sport Ltd.
  6. Communicate to the successful recipient’s family

The following outlines the requirement of the principal in relation to indirect funding:

  1. Communicate to the successful recipients family the course of action agreed
  2. Work with the A4K Administrator and the family to determine the most suitable time and place for the program development to take place. This would ideally be within the school setting and precinct.