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The Aspirations4Kids in Sport project is supported by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF).  As a consequence all donations over $2 to the Aspirations4Kids in Sport Project are tax deductible.

It is important to be aware that we are an independent not-for-profit organisation and our funds are raised principally from the private sector.  We will assess each request on a case-by-case basis and rely heavily on the nominees school to provide all of the important information that we need. Funding and scholarships are available and are assessed according to our criteria.

Our intention is to try and alleviate the associated costs with playing sport however we also expect each recipient to demonstrate their attempt to raise funds for their cause. This is based on our ‘hand up’ rather than ‘hand out’ thinking. Critical to our ethos is each recipients’ agreement to ‘give-back’ to their school and wider community in appreciation for the assistance they have received and to perpetuate the cycle of ‘giving’. The funding that we make available is designed for developing school athletes, facing unique challenges, aged between 10-19 years of age whose cases fall within the following 3 cause categories of as listed below. Please note that A4K also offers scholarship opportunities. See the criteria under ‘our causes’ page.

  1. Hardship
  2. Disabilities
  3. Hand Up

Please note that while Aspirations4Kids in Sport will always support our ethos of assisting kids facing unique challenges to play sport, it is not possible to assist everyone.

If your application is not successful, we would encourage you to explore other opportunities in the athletics environment.

If you click on the links below to see other funding opportunities available.


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