How To Apply?

Hi There,

Thank you for seeking our funding support, but before you start we need to ask you a couple of questions…



Are a Parent or Caregiver?

If yes, please STOP!

You will need to get your child’s school to submit an application on your behalf.

Please go to our website to see if you are eligible under our criteria.

If you believe you are eligible, please print the required Consent Form for disclosure of student personal information.

Provide all required information ONLY for the cause you are applying for funding under.

Sign this form and take to your child’s school so they can submit it on your behalf.




Are you the student’s School Principal? If yes please continue …

Are you on staff at the school and therefore a nominated school representative? If yes please continue …

If you are a Principal or Principal’s representative working at the Applicant’s school go to the Applications page here.

Application Steps – SCHOOLS ONLY

  • Set up your school’s log-in using the generic principal’s email address. e.g. (Please do not use the principal’s personal email address)
  • Hit the Apply Now Button.
  • Answer all mandatory questions. Witness the necessary form/s –i.e Team Levy form and Uniform Order form. Please note: you do not have to send this but we recommend that you scan and save a copy.
  • Complete your application.
  • For assistance, please phone 0414 779 766.

Eligibility Check

Please ensure that you have checked the following minimum requirements:

  • The Nominee is registered with one of the three (3) major schooling systems in Queensland (State, Catholic, Independent)
  • The Nominee plays or intends to participate in an official and current Queensland School Sport (QSS) and/ or QSS Sporting events. E.g.
    • District sport
    • Regional sport
    • State sport
    • National sport
    • International sport
  • The Nominee is a minimum of 10 years old in the year of nomination
  • The Nominee is a maximum of 19 years old in the year of nomination
  • The Nominee or the family meets the criteria for facing hardship, either financial or remote issues, disability or chronic illness or a short term hardship issue that may prevent them from participating in school sport.

aspirations4kids in sport how to apply

If you believe a Nominee meets our criteria for funding, we recommend the following steps:

Minimum requirements

  1. School makes the application – If the school is satisfied that the nominee meets the criteria (nominee criteria) for the specific cause for funding assistance, the school may submit an application using the Apply Now Button and login using your school’s login details.
  2. Key Question – What makes this application unique? – The school needs to answer all mandatory questions including as much detail as you can. Remember, the stronger the applicant’s story the greater chance for a favourable outcome.
  3. Parental / Caregiver assistance – Parents and/ or Care givers are expected to assist with each nomination. We view A4K funding as a hand-up not a hand-out and we are more likely to approve a request were the family has been very supportive. This includes parental assistance with providing all the information required. A copy of the specific criteria questions and information required should be given to the parent / caregiver to assist the school compiling the information needed so that a fair assessment can be made.
  4. The School and / or Parent Care giver provide the necessary forms:

What is making life difficult for your nominee?

A4K assists those nominees facing extenuating circumstances that directly impact on the nominee participating in current QSS sport and QSS Sporting events e.g.

  • Cancer and associated extreme health care needs
  • Loss of work
  • Accidents
  • Difficult home life or associated domestic issues

For more information contact General Manager – Julie Anne Dietz at or 0414 779 766.

*Note – Applications can only be submitted through the nominee’s school by the school Principal or their nominated school representative. Ultimately the school Principal needs to see, endorse and sign off all applications for it to be considered.

Who is allowed access to the nomination portal?

  • School Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Sports Co-ordinator
  • HPE Teacher
  • Class Teacher
  • Guidance Officer

Please note – PARENTS or CARE GIVERS are NOT included in this list, but are requested to assist the school with this nomination by supplying the required information. Forms can be downloaded from the website.

Click here to download consent and criteria forms.