A4K Scholarship Winners

2018 –  Tianna Bloomfield

Congratulations to our 2019 Scholarship recipient Tainna Bloomfield.

Tianna was surprised and grateful to be named the A4K Scholarship at the Annual Aspirations4Kids in Sport Celebration Luncheon on Thursday 1st November, 2019.

Tianna was up with eight other very worthy recipients and attended with her very proud dad, Andy Bloomfield – her biggest supporter. Sport is a bit of a family affair for Tianna Bloomfield but especially netball. With her dad, she does a marvellous job of helping him with her siblings and assisting him to coach a team.

Tianna is highly committed student and sportswomen and she balances representative sport, her studies and her school community activities with absolute precision. She commits to running lunch time training sessions for other students and regularly devotes her time to umpire games both at school and club. In athletics season she uses her lunch time and after school to train and coach younger students. As well.

She is a member of the school’s prestigious high performing academic program, a position she has maintained throughout her entire time at high school.

Tianna made the Qld Netball State Championships in 2018 and has continued to be picked for multiple representative teams both for school and club.

Tianna displays self-motivation, commitment and dedication to every venture she undertakes and A4K is proud to name Tianna Bloomfield as the 2019 Scholarship Winner.

See what she has been up to this year.

Tiana Bloomfield


2017 –  Poppy Richards

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship recipient Poppy Richards.

Poppy was presented with her Scholarship award at the Inaugural Aspirations4Kids in Sport Awards Lunch on Thursday 2nd November, 2017.

An Aspirations4Kids in Sport Scholarship Award recognises a nominee, who has demonstrated an outstanding effort to overcome major adversity to playing their chosen sport.

Poppy Richards has some life challenges such as cerebral Palsy and periventricular leukomalacia. This means that although she suffers moderate pain, an uneven gait and balance issues, she continues to train every day. She competes in cross country, swimming, lifesaving, netball and is a Qld Par-triathlete.

Playing sport continues to give Poppy the self-esteem and confidence to move forward in her sport and her schooling. The fitness and strength she gains from participating in sport increase the functional use of her legs as well as assisting her to set realistic goals for success in multiclass sport. She works hard at school, is a delightful and conscientious student and consistently participates in all
sporting opportunities.

She is a mentor to others and her dream is to continue to mentor others with disabilities. Poppy is a wonderful example of an Aspirations4Kids in Sport Scholarship Award winner and we are happy and excited to be on this journey with her.

2016 –  Kyle Potgeiter

Congratulations to our first Scholarship recipient Kyle Potgieter.

Kyle Potgieter is one of a triplet of three boys. He was born with Leber Congenital Amaurosis, a rare genetic eye disorder. Kyle is legally blind with only 3% vision in one eye and none in the other.  In layman’s terms, imagine a foggy shower curtain covered in black spots and then try to see through the spots. Or if you were to use a biro, take out the ink cartridge, try to look through the barrel and you might just get an idea of how Kyle sees things on a daily basis.

Imagine then running on an open track with only a guide runner beside you to make sure you stay in your lane, always aiming for a personal best and come home with the best time in your category.  Sport for Kyle is not all about winning, though.  It is about participating and giving back. The very ethos that A4K subscribes to. It is about opportunities that come about due to working hard at something and persevering with something no matter how hard it gets.

Kyle Potgieter is a wonderful example of our scholarship criteria. Dedicated, determined and motivated, he continues to train hard and achieve at the best level he can in his sports and school.

At school, he has participated in every school carnival including athletics, swimming, and cross-country. He has actively sought out his own assistance for guide runners and has made sacrifices with his time and resources to focus on his athletics and always to strive for his personal best. He does not allow disability to stand in his way of his sport including team sports. He is driven to do his best in athletics through consistent hard work and extensive training.

The A4K Scholarship recognises students who demonstrate initiative, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play through participation in a sport or a variety of sports and who displays potential to achieve at their personal best level.

Kyle Potgieter is a very worthy recipient of an Aspirations4Kids in Sport Scholarship which will assist Kyle to continue on his sporting journey.


Kyle Potgeiter - 2016 Winner