2019 Celebration of Sport Award Winners

Jalawlin Fuamatu - 2019 Celebration of Sports Award Winner

Introducing Jalawlin Fuamatu

Jawalin is a 12 years of age and is in Year 7 at Indooroopilly State High School in the QSS Region of Metropolitan West. Jalawlin is profoundly deaf. In fact, out of 4 siblings, 3 of them are also profoundly deaf. He competes as a multi class athlete and in his chosen sport of Athletics has represented his region and state. He relies heavily on vision awareness and Auslan signing for instructions. He uses the ‘light system’ to let him know the start time of races.

A4K fund assisted Jalawlin to attend the Queensland Primary State Track and Field Championships and the School Sport Australia National Track and Field Championships where he competed in the 100m, 200m, long jump, shot put and 4 X 4 mixed relay.

He has won 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals at Nationals level. Latest update – Jalawlin just came back from States in Cairns. He competed in 5 events, got 5 PB’s and 5 gold medals. Jalawlin qualifies for A4K funding under our Disability & Chronic Illness cause.

Jalawlin dreams of one day representing his country in the Deaf Olympics and having more hard of hearing athletes competing.

Lachlan Hohns - 2019 Celebration of Sports Award

Introducing Lachlan Hohns

Lachlan is 12 years of age and is in Year 7 at Western Cape College in Weipa in the QSS region of Peninsula.

Lachlan lives in Weipa and to attend training must travel an 800km round trip. With limited access to coaches, he relies on training himself, assisted by mum and dad and with the local Rugby League team the Weipa Raiders where the other players are over 20.

It is lucky that Lachie has had a growth spurt and at 12 years old is now 6 foot. He is the first kid in 10 years to make representation for Weipa and Cape York.

A4K fund assisted Lachlan to attend the QSS U 12 School Rugby League Titles in Cairns in June. We believe that Mum, Belinda and Lachie ran raffles and sold lemonade scones to assist with fundraising.

Lachie bonded with his team and this first time experience at representative level has set his future in motion and he can’t wait for trials to come around again next year, when he intends to qualify for selection again in 2020.

Lachlan qualifies for A4K funding under our Remote Cause. Lachie one day dreams of playing for the NRL and being an advocate for more opportunities for playing sport in remote living locations.

Shayleen Watson 2019 Celebration of Sports Award Winner

Introducing Shayleen Watson

Shayleen is 17 years of age and is in year 12 at Thuringowa State High School in the QSS Sports Region of Northern.

Shayleen is a young mum of 1 – Rafael who is about to turn 3 years old. She is carer for her 12 year old nephew and supports herself independently.
Shayleen goal was to complete year 12 and is just about to achieve this.

At the time of selection, Shayleen was living in crisis accommodation while balancing school, club sport and motherhood. A4K assisted Shayleen to represent her region in the Under 18’s Girls Rugby League State Championships earlier this year. She performed well, was a really valuable defensive member of the team and demonstrated leadership through continual encouragement of team members.

Shayleen qualifies for A4K funding under our Financial Hardship Cause.
Shayleen dreams of continuing to play Rugby League and watching her son grow up and follow in her shoes.

Alicia Goodwin - 2019 Celebration of Sports Award Winner 2019

Introducing Alicia Goodwin

Alicia is 15 years of age and is in Year 10 at San Sisto College and has represented the QSS sports region of Metropolitan East and for QLD at National Level.

Alicia is a classified S8 swimmer due to an upper limb deficiency. At only 3 weeks old, she had her upper arm amputated due to a blood clot. She competes as a multi class athlete in swimming.

She started swimming to assist her with scoliosis and has achieved great results. Due to the impact of her disability, she needs assistance for tying her shoes, doing her hair and getting into those swim suits. Alicia has represented at all levels right up to National level and regularly works with a physiotherapist, dietician, OT, and strength and conditioning coach.

To assist her fitness, she trains with ‘Dundee Kim’ – (who also helped train Jeff Horn to the top of world boxing). He is helping her to reach her Paralympic dreams.

Alicia holds over 40 sporting records, is a member of the Sporting Wheelies and recently volunteered in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

A4K assisted Alicia to attend the School Sport Australian National Swimming Championships Alicia qualifies for A4K funding under our Disability & Chronic Illness Cause.

Alicia’s dream is to gain an international classification to compete for Australia and to make the Australian Dolphin Swim Team.

Nicolaas Kossen - 2019 Celebration of Sports Award Winner

Introducing Nicolaas ‘NJ’ Kossen

NJ is 12 Years of age and is a Year 6 student attending Hendra State School in the Metropolitan North Sport Region.

Nicolaas Kossen is a passionate young cricketer whose mum is on a disability pension and dad is her primary carer. This means limited earning capacity and finding money on a limited income is always an issue for them to assist him to continue to progress on his representative path.

He lives and breathes the game and has achieved great success for his age but most importantly he wants to share his love for the game. So much so, he has created his own charity called Bats4Bhadohi to gather and get cricket gear over to kids in India so they too can play this great sport that he loves.

NJ has made selection for the last 2 years in cricket, swimming and cross country. He plays with older players and has just gained selective entry into Brisbane State High School as an all-rounder based on his cricket skills.

A4K assisted Nicholas to attend the QSS State Cricket titles in 2018 and 2019. NJ qualifies for A4K funding under our Financial Hardship Cause.
NJ’s dream is to be the very best player he can be, play for Qld and eventually get his own ‘Baggy Green”.

Giaan Sabastino - 2019 Celebration of Sports Award

Introducing Giaan Sabatino

Giann is 15 Years of age and is in Year 10 at Bentley Park College (Cairns) – in the QSS Peninsula School Sport Region.

Giaan sadly lost her dad in 2014 when she was 11 years old and this had a huge effect and impacted on fracturing her family. Throughout this time, Giaan continued to play her chosen sport of Basketball often getting herself to training and walking home alone in the dark.
She removed herself from her mother’s care due to her fears for her personal safety.

When she became estranged from her mother, she lost contact with her siblings, however since 2018 Giaan has been living with her dad’s cousin who despite having a large family made room for her. Aunty Nerida and Uncle Robert continue to support her through her sporting journey. When her school started a girls’ basketball team, Giaan put her hand up to train and captain the team, mentoring other team members.

She continues to play club basketball where this season – she did not miss a single training session or a single game. She was named ‘Player of the Year”
A4K assisted Giaan to attend the QSS 16-19 years Basketball State Championships in May this year held in Brisbane in May. Giaan qualifies for A4K funding under our Hand Up / Temporary Hardship Cause.

Giaan’s dream is to represent the Peninsula team again in 2020 and ultimately playing for the Australian Indigenous Basketball team.

Bill Gbeindeh - 2019 Celebration of Sports Award Winner

Introducing Bill Gbeindeh

Bill is 11 Years of age and is in Year 7 at Wellers Hill State School in the Metropolitan East School Sport Region.

Bill comes from a refugee background and left war torn Liberia, travelled to Guinea and finally arrived in Australia in 2014. He lives with his mum and little sister. Bill had to learn English and is now completely Bi-Lingual. He plays soccer and competes in Athletics.

Bill has represented at regional, state and national level for athletics medalling throughout. He has a leadership role at school and mentors other kids both at school and at his church.

A4K assisted Bill to attend both the QSS State Track and Field Championships here in Brisbane and also at the National Athletics Championships in Darwin.
Bill qualifies for A4K funding under our financial Hardship Cause. Bill’s dream is to represent the Australian in soccer and to make his family proud.