2018 Celebration of Sport Award Winners

Introducing Tianna Bloomfield

Tianna is 15 Years of age and is a Year 10 student attending Northern Beaches State High School – Townsville in the Northern School Sport Region. Tianna lives in a Single parent household where her father cares for Tianna and is the carer for her uncle. She Balances rep sport, family responsibilities, training sessions, umpiring and club netball.
She has been a member of the School Academic Mentoring Program for past 4 years.
Tianna runs lunchtime training sessions for younger players and co-coaches with her father.

She played in the premier league grand final and was named MVP. Plays Goal Attack (GA) but also Wing Defence (WD) and Wing Attack (WA). She represented in her first ever under 16 team (for the Magnetic North Steel Cats) and is …
Working towards her C Badge in umpiring 2019 Tianna will complete a Foundation Course so she can train a team of her own.

And she has been approached to umpire for State Netball.

A4K Funding assisted Tianna to attend the 16 – 19 years State Netball Championships at Boondall.

She qualifies for A4K funding under the Financial Hardship cause.

She dreams of Playing for the Firebirds and then the Diamonds while studying to be a physiotherapist.

Introducing Byron Wallace

Byron is 11 years of age and is in Year 7 at Sarina State School in the Capricornia school sports region.

Byron has bilateral hearing loss, but this doesn’t seem to slow him down. He could complete in the AWD class but choses to compete in Able Bodied Competitions. He relies on hand signals for game instructions and relies heavily on his vision awareness to know what is happening as he cannot differentiate via the sound queues.

He won 2 gold medals in the North Queensland games and broke the record in shot put. A4K fund assisted Byron to attend the Queensland Primary State Track and Field Championships in Cairns. Byron qualifies for A4K funding under our Disability cause. Byron’s Dreams of Making it big in Football and furthering his skill with athletics where he would love to make it to national level and represent Australia.

Introducing Connor Jeynes

Connor is 12 Years of age and is in Year 8 at Isis District State High School – in Childers in the Wide Bay School Sport Region.

Connor has been dealing with significant family trauma, which has led to limited financial support and he has previously found staying on the straight and narrow at school a pretty big challenge. Despite this Connor has a Very high school attendance record which is leading to highly improved academic progress, he never misses training, has won athletic 28 medals in last 2 years plays wing and full back in his regions Rugby League team.

In Connor’s words “sport has helped me stay focussed at school because I know I have to behave well to be allowed to participate- I don’t enjoy getting in trouble”.

And in his Principal’s words

If ever there is a kid that needed his support Connor is that kid. Sport has been the catalyst to really improving Connor positive forward progress at school? Chris Grills Principal.” (Isis District State High School)

A4K funding assisted Connor to attend the Rugby League State Championships in Brisbane and also the state track and field titles in Cairns. At the State Rugby League titles he scored 1 try and kicked a conversion and was selected as a shadow player lives in the Queensland Team. He lives and breathes Rugby League and his favourite player is Johnathan Thurston. In – T & F Connor competes in Long Jump, high jump, and the multi-event – 100 m / 800 m.

He qualified for funding under the hand up cause.
His big dream is to play for the NQ Cowboys like JT and joining the navy as an underwater welder

Introducing Connor Smith

Connor is 11 years old who is in year 7 at Richmond State School – Richmond (population of 648) in the North West Region.

Connor lives in small rural community 440k from Mt Isa, Town only has 1 X 25m swimming pool. Swim club only has 15 kids, Coach recently left so Connor’s father and a teacher from the school have stepped in to train him
No Gymnastics in Richmond- so has to travel 114 km every Monday to train for Gymnastic.

His success stories include representation QSS – Touch Football, soccer, athletics and swimming, State Championships and he is also an accomplished Gymnast. Connor also likes to mentors all the younger swimmers.
A4K funding assisted Connor to attend the 10 – 12 years Swimming State Championships – Brisbane.

And in four events Connor swam personal best times.
His big dream is to continue with his swimming to the highest level he can – making the State Team.

Introducing Thomas Fea

Thomas is 17 Years of age and is in Year 12 at James Nash State High School – Gympie in the Capricornia School Sports Region.

Thomas Lives on a cattle farm in a drought affected area His family is facing financial hardship due to drought. The Fae family decided to diversify and so started an alternative crop and started a macadamia farm
Thomas is completing year 12 while playing sport and supporting family with the farm. Mum had to give up work to work on the farm to make farm sustainable.

He is an A Grade squash player but there is limited local competitions for age group. This is why the school sport option is important to our students that do live remotely. A4K assisted Thomas to attend the Queensland squash Championships in Townsville and was placed first in his pool.

Thomas qualifies for A4K funding in the Remote cause. Thomas’s dream is to continue to play his sport to a high level and being an advocate for a healthy community through sport and exercise.

Introducing Isaac Pascal

Isaac moved to Australia from Uganda 3 years ago on a Refugee visa, he experiences Intellectual Impairment and Anxiety.
Isaac says …
When I was in Uganda we did not have the chance to play high level sport. Because I was not in school. Where I am from you do not start school until you are 10 years old. I stayed at home with Mum looking after the baby, training which was running around the village and climbing trees. My biological father passed away in our village when I was very young so I took on the role of helping my mother in the village.
Being able to fund my sport has been a big challenge, my mother does not work as she is looking after my siblings. I come from a big family and my step father works two job and gets home very late and leaves very early.
A4K assisted Isaac to attend the- T & F State Championships in Cairns for the 2nd time he has made it to state representation in Football in the multi-class category.
Isaac was selected in the Qld State Team Selection – Track & Field in Melbourne

Breaking my toe that has come at a bad time as I won’t be able to attend the National Championships in 3 weeks in Melbourne. A metal poll fell out of the back of a car and hit my toe. This was one day after the State Championships when I had returned from Cairns. I was at church with my family.
Isaac one day dreams of TBC
Representing Australia – in the 200m and 100m.
My dream is to be a runner and represent my country because when I was born my parents said I had a natural talent for running. In Africa I was always the fastest runner and no one could catch me in my village. When I got to Australia I saw a lot of sport opportunities. I played rugby and hockey but my heart was always with running. This year I had the opportunity to start my running career.

Introducing Ka Lia Puna

Ka Lia is 12 years of age who is in Year 8 at Vienna Woods State School – Alexandra Hills in the Met East School Sports Region.

Ka Lia lost her Poppa and Uncle which was very hard – but promised them she would play on for them. She lives with Grandmother and brother and has limited financial support. She plays basketball and competes in T & F (100m, 200m, shot put, high jump) and representative basketball. Is a member of Spartan’s Academy. Received award from coach for giving best encouragement to the team and most supportive on the bench.

Brothers Eli and Levi are her idols and previous recipients of A4K funding
A4K funding assisted Kia Lia to attend the Queensland State School Basketball Championships in Cairns. Ka Lia dreams of playing basketball for QLD and then Commonwealth Games.

Introducing Emmanual Asomoa

Emmanuel hails from a large family of 9 where he is 4th eldest.

The Asomua Family are restricted from accessing Govt support due to their NZ citizenship. The Asoumua family was experiencing housing crisis at time of selection, with their whole family living in car. A4K assisted Emmanuel to represent Met East in the Queensland 11 yrs state Champions at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast.

Emmanuel and his team are Queensland Champions and he played fantastically well scoring tries against Met West and South Coast. Has secured scholarship for year 7 at Marsden SHS in the R.L Excellence Program. Loves Sam Thaiday and wore #10 in the winning games

Emmanuel qualified for A4K funding through the hand-up cause. Emmanuel dreams of Playing in the NRL and representing both Samoa and NZ.

Introducing Geena James

Geena is 11 year old who is in year 7 at Bwgcolman (Bookamen) Community School – Palm Island before transferring to St Ursula’s in Yeppoon in the Northern School Sport Region.

Lives and went to school on Palm Island, which has limited sporting facilities (i.e. no netball courts or coaches), No weekly school comp and competed in 1 interschool comp on the mainland once a year. So Geena has moved to boarding school to pursue greater opportunities for her sport and schooling at St Ursula’s SS.

She is finding it hard to go back to school after going home to family
She represented the Qld Murri’s under 12’s netball team and also represented her school in a school’s Volleyball competition in Sydney. She was named ‘player of the Final’ in the Grand Final winning team, Named MVP at Cap Coast Junior Carnival. A4k Assisted Geena to attend the 10 – 12 years Netball State Championships at Carrara.

Geena’s big dream is continue with netball and getting to the highest level while doing well at school.