2017 Celebration of Sport Award Winners

poppy richards aspirations4kids in sport

Introducing Poppy Richards

Poppy faces multiple life challenges due to the effects of Cerebral Palsy (Left Hemiplegia) and Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) resulting from premature birth and pre-eclampsia during her mother’s pregnancy.

A calf surgery due to a combination of moderate pain, an uneven gait and balance issues has added another layer of complexity to Poppy’s sports career, however this is somewhat off-set by enhanced levels of self-esteem and confidence derived from sport that affords her the drive to progress and keep doing the things she loves.

ethan godwin banner image aspiration4kids in sport

Introducing Ethan Godwin

Set back after set back has not deterred Ethan from pursuing his sporting dreams. Cancer struck his family with his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis resulting in his dad taking up extra shifts to pay the bills. Mt Isa based and typical of a kid living in regional Queensland, Ethan is a talented sports’ person representing his Northern Region in Cross Country and Football. Whilst competing in the Queensland State Football titles Ethan badly injured his knee, was taken from the field, green whistled and ambulanced to Hospital.

Thankfully there was no break but the need for an ultrasound diagnosed poor blood flow and further costs for his family.

Introducing Chloe Whittaker

Despite Chloe facing multiple challenges such as 45% hearing loss requiring regular audiology tests and travel from Yarrilee near Harvey Bay to Brisbane, a Pulmonary Heart Stenosis requiring two bouts of heart surgery (so far), plus a rare incurable chronic lung disease titled Bronchiectasis, Chloe continues to love playing her sport.

aspirations4kids in sport ryan woodrow banner image

Introducing Ryan Woodrow

Ryan has Type 1 diabetes is so extreme that he requires a fitted insulin pump. The insulin pump can’t be attached when Ryan plays sport, requiring a close monitoring of his blood sugar levels and food intake to ward off hyperglycaemic reactions.

Ryan proudly represents his state in baseball and his condition adds extra challenge dimensions and the requirement for needles, sometimes mid game to get through each match.

tito sheriff banner image

Introducing Tito Sheriff

Tito is 15 years of age and is in Year 10 at Yeronga SHS in the Met West School Sport Region.

Tito arrived as refugees from Guinea in 2004. Tito is one of 5 children and his mother is currently pregnant with her 6th child. Tito and his siblings live with their mother. Tito’s mother is currently not employed and is undertaking home duties. Earlier this year the family home burnt down and the family lost all personal belongings. Sadly the family had no insurance. Tito qualifies for funding under the hardship cause.

aspirations4kids poppy wilson banner image

Introducing Poppy Wilson

Poppy is 13 years of age who is in Year 8 at Seton College Mt Gravatt in the Met East School Sports Region.

Poppy has cerebral palsy and has a classification of S10 in swimming. Cerebral Palsy affects Poppy physical capabilities but she has always loved swimming. Poppy has had to overcome the impact of reduced movement in her legs and difficulties in her hands in order to reach this level of swimming. Poppy was born with CP, though not diagnosed until she was 9mths old. She also has Asperger’s and ADHD.

Poppy has always loved the water and finds it the best place for her as she is weightless and seems to find that she can move easier in the water with her CP than on land for any other sport she has tried. She trains 15 hours every week.