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Aspirations4Kids in Sport assists Queensland School children who face unique challenges of hardship, disabilities, chronic illness, and remote living issues.
We provide funding and support services to improve lives through the positive influence of sport.
We see that sport can be the vehicle to enhancing lives and creating new life changing opportunities.

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“Giving Queensland school students a sporting chance”

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a4k aspirations4kids in sport our ambassadors joseph deng med size

Joseph Deng

It was so rewarding to see our first ever Aspirations4Kids in Sport recipient (February 2012) Joseph Deng’s journey from refugee camp to representing Australia.

Joseph Deng cannot remember much about his early years in Kenya, where he was born in a refugee camp.

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aspirations4kids in sport paige leaonhardt

Paige Leonhardt

At the age of five Paige she was involved in a car accident that left her with severe injuries. She spent four years recovering. The accident left her with hemiplegia on her right side as well as intracranial hypertension, epilepsy and autism. The intracranial hypertension means that she regularly needs to have excess fluid on the brain removed via a spinal tap.

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Poppy Richards
Disability & Chronic Illness

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Ethan Godwin
Hardship / Remote

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Chloe Whittaker
Disability & Chronic Illness

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Ryan Woodrow
Chronic Illness

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Tito Sheriff

a4k home page poppy wilson aspirations4kids in sport

Poppy Wilson
Disability & Chronic Illness

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